Roblox Innovation Awards 2022: Complete Winners List

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Our community is full of talented creators from every corner of the globe. They create art, music, fashion, and entire worlds that captivate and inspire millions of people every day. For years we’ve recognized that passion with an annual virtual award show, but as their accomplishments grow, so does the need to recognize them. That’s why this year—and for the first time ever—we held a gala in-person and virtual event at the Roblox Developers Conference in Fort Mason, San Francisco, California: The Roblox Innovation Awards.

It was a moment to celebrate everything our community does to lead our industry, shaping the future of the metaverse through breathtaking and boundary-pushing experiences. At our largest RDC to date, and between awards featuring guest presenters like Karlie Kloss, MeganPlays, and MiniToon, there were interviews and discussions that explored the future of our platform and creators. We were excited to share this event as one global community—in person and virtually on Guilded.

RIA from the live audience's perspective

Without further ado, let’s review the trailblazers who won this year’s Roblox Innovation Awards.

Our winners took home physical trophies from the event, but also earned a virtual copy for their avatars. We hope they accept our sincere congratulations.

Want to see the highlights for yourself? Check our official Roblox YouTube channel.

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