Winter Roblox Week 2023

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We kicked off 2023 with Roblox Week at HQ in San Mateo, CA. Roblox Week takes a typical company all-hands to the next level – our team gathers in person for a week of activities that foster employee connection, create a sense of community, and celebrate the technical innovations we’re building to drive the future of our platform and business. Following the success of our first Roblox Week in July of 2022, we decided to kick-start the new year with another event, bringing everyone together to align on our shared vision to move the company and product forward.

Roblox CEO and Founder Dave Baszucki reflected on the power of our people and the Roblox Operating System: “If we have amazing people and leaders, strong processes to build our teams, responsibility at all levels, innovative ways to offer autonomy in our work, and a plan to keep it all linked together, that’s really the product we work on. If we build this product, take responsibility and build it really well, we then end up building this other product called Roblox, challenging each other to achieve our vision, and executing at an incredible level.”

Robolox employees shaking hands

Throughout the week, Roblox employees nurtured existing relationships and had opportunities to build new ones

Momentum Around Our Vision

Throughout the week, employees had the chance to connect at various hosted happenings on and around our campus. The main event? An in-person Town Hall where the Roblox executive team talked about our ambitious product roadmap for 2023, detailed the technical challenges we’ll need to solve to achieve our roadmap, and celebrated wins from our strong 2022. The energy in the room was palpable as employees heard about the exciting expedition ahead for our company.  

Dave Baszucki, CEO and Founder of Roblox, on stage at the company's Town Hall event

Dave Baszucki presented at Town Hall, sharing insight about the importance of a strong team to achieving our vision

“It was great to hear from a variety of Roblox’s leaders about the ambitious vision we have for the future. True passion and dedication to the platform was evident in every word they spoke, and it was inspiring to see the direction we are heading,” shared John Stauffer, VP of Engineering for the Engine group. 

Collaboration Drives Innovation

In addition to the broader company events, many teams and groups used the intentional time together to hold their own collaboration sessions – facilitating events like strategic offsites, whiteboard jam sessions, employee resource group mixers, and more. 

People leaders were also invited to attend our Roblox in Leadership event, where they heard from a panel of our executive team on anecdotes and learnings from their own experiences as managers. “It was helpful to hear perspectives from other leaders about what they’ve learned from their people management experiences. The strategies that worked, some of the things that didn’t, and how I can apply those learnings in my day-to-day,” shared Kim Centeno, Head of Product Marketing at Roblox. 

Roblox leadership on stage speaking on a panel

Roblox executives reflected on their managerial experiences at the Roblox in Leadership panel, moderated by L&D Director James Hooks

Roblox Week culminated in a sendoff gathering featuring dozens of innovation booths, where teams across the company created presentations to provide a peek into their day-to-day work. Employees had the chance to connect with teams they might not work with on a regular basis, bridging collaboration gaps and providing the entire organization with a broader understanding of our business. 

“[Roblox Week] was a great experience, giving me a chance to meet and connect with so many folks around the company. The innovation demos and booths were also a wonderful way for a new employee like me to see the innovative things happening across the business in other groups,” shared Reza Nouri, a Technical Director who joined earlier this year.

Roblox employees checking out Innovation Booths

Employees created presentations that shared a peek into their team’s goals and day-to-day work

Barbara Messing, Chief Marketing and People Experience Officer, summarized the three-day experience: “Roblox Week is about employees coming together, building on ideas together, learning from one another, and developing new possibilities that take our company forward.” 

Will you be at the next Roblox Week?

Join us on our journey to reimagine the way people come together, with memorable moments of connection and collaboration along the way. Our talented team is growing, visit the Roblox careers site to explore open opportunities.

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